Working with Amy

Our world needs citizens who in working and living together can recognize problems,  imagine solutions, and responsively create compassionate and accountable change. Whether we meet through a keynote lecture or through a four year contract with your organization, my intention is to provide an experience, a piece of research, or an interaction that transforms your thinking,  provides insight and hope that change is possible. Changing is learning and learning is changing and the transformation never stops.

Meaningful, enduring learning happens in the context of mutually respectful, trustworthy relationships.  Ethical, mindful, social and emotional skills are foundational to the capacity to create and sustain mutually respectful relationships with colleagues, students, community members.

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If the world is to be brought to order, my nation must first be changed.

If my nation is to be changed, my hometown must be made over.

If my hometown is to be reordered, my family must first be set right.

If my family is to be regenerated, I myself must first be.”

Anonymous Chinese General