An educator and activist working to support healthy and vital families, children, schools and communities, Dr. Amy McConnell Franklin is a transformative community organizer and advocate for building strong, honest and compassionate relationships across communities, families and schools. Currently based in rural Northern New Mexico, Amy has trained trainers on four continents facilitating programs in community public health and emotional intelligence.

Amy holds a B.A. from St. John’s College (Annapolis), a M.Ed. from University of New Orleans in Counselor Education, and M.P.H from Tulane University in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and a Ph.D. from Tulane in Latin American Studies. Amy is a licensed Mental Health Counselor for the state of New Mexico and is a Senior Consultant for 6 Seconds International Network for Emotional Intelligence (EI).

With her background in public health and community mental health, Amy brings a perspective of wellness and prevention to her work as an emotional intelligence educator. She has trained teachers and administrators in over 25 schools facilitating the integration of EI into classrooms and school cultures and has implemented the Self-Science curriculum in a diverse range of programs from early childhood through University level teacher training.

Amy has undertaken a unique challenge to create an emotionally intelligent community. Her current project is to engage all the schools, agencies and organizations that work with children in Taos, New Mexico, to have a shared commitment to developing EI. Taos has a culturally and economically diverse population and New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the Union.

She is also the mother of four children, Macky, Remy, Anne Caroline and Boden.

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