Parenting Tool # 2

Topic – How to Stay Sane and Connected in Uncertain Time

Taking care of your Physical Wellbeing

Hand washing – 

We have all been hearing about the importance of washing our hands well to decrease the chances of catching the virus known as COVID-19. However, now that I am staying at home mostly, physically distancing myself from others, I find myself slipping back into old habits of just giving my hands a quick splash. While the physical isolation makes me less at risk of being in contact with the virus passed on my others, I am still potentially exposed when I open a can or pick up a piece of fruit that came from the market, even though I sprayed my groceries when I brought them in from the store.

Hand washing is an easy and effective way to interrupt the spread of most diseases, including COVID-19 so here is a reminder, with a twist!

Wash your hands often, especially after you have been out of your home. Wash them with soap and water.

Get your hands wet, apply the soap, turn off the water and then sing the ABCs song. Keep washing your hands until you have finished the whole song! This is the best way to really scrub off the virus. Then rinse  your hands off with water. Once you have learned the ABC song, sing another song you want to teach your children or want to remember, learn yourself. At least 20 seconds of washing seems to be the recommendation.  Try timing the singing of a few songs. Explain to your children what you are doing and why.

Here is another way to think of this need to wash your hands well and thoroughly. Imagine you’ve  just peeled some hot  chilis and you need to put in your contact lenses or you need to help your mother or baby with eye drops! 

A virus will wash off far better with soap rather than just with water. The fat in soap dislodges the virus.

Stay home to limit the chances that you will pick up the virus or pass it on. When you need to go the the grocery, make a list, buy as quickly as possible, wash your hands when you leave the house, and again immediately when you leave and don’t touch your mouth, nose or ears while in the store or until you’ve washed your hands well. Use wipes and/or gloves provided at some stores to reduce the transmission of the virus. Remember, everything touched by anyone’s hands is potentially infected and able to transmit the virus to you.