Tools at home

In these unusual and stressful times it is important to remember that our children will look to us for reassurance and guidance. While there are many things that are out of our control, there are some very important choices we still have. This page will remind you of some of those choices and provide tools and practices for being our most mature, stable and trustworthy selves for our families and community.

Tool # 1- Remember, your children are watching you.

Take a moment to think of someone who you would like to have around right now in these uniquely uncertain times. Remember details of how they look, their tone of voice, their attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and values. How would they act in these uncertain times? How would they answer your and your children’s questions? What would be most important to them right now?

This person is going to be your guide for being your best self in this difficult times. You already have many of the same qualities as this person you are thinking of. The fact that you can recognize and remember these calming, reassuring qualities means you already have them inside yourself. These next few weeks you are going to have the chance to practice acting like this guide, as you navigate your way through the many decisions and choices you have each day, each hour, so that when your children and your family look back on this time period, they will remember you as your best self.