Tools for staying sane and connected in uncertain times – COVID19 and Schooling at Home

In March 2020 I found myself stunned by the changes that have taken place over the  past 14 days in my life,  in my perspective and in the world.

My goal for this website at that time was to provide tools and practices that will help parents and families deal optimally with one another during these challenging circumstances. The tools have shared are generally referred to as ‘the skills of emotional intelligence’.

As many schools have closed, parents, grandparents and families  are suddenly faced with 1) co-existing in close and closed quarters with family members who used to leave for work , school and play and 2) schooling their children at home. Many families are also 3) dealing daily with the stress and anxiety of lost jobs, uncertain futures, vanished  incomes.

While educators work tirelessly to learn new technologies and platforms, parents have again become the primary educators.

If you are a family member now charged with schooling your children, caring for extended family members (physically or virtually), co-existing extensively with more people than usual or are working with families in these circumstances, I hope you will find the Tools and Resources on this website helpful. The Tools are simple strategies and practices to help to maintain healthy relationships and support positive emotional, mental and  social health  in your households and work places.

I will be adding pages and resources regularly based on the reports and recommendations I am receiving from colleagues in the fields of emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning, from around the world.

Please feel free to share the information, the website, the tools and my contact information  widely.   We are all in this together. I know we are all looking for ways to safely share accurate, practical information that will help us all sustainably make choices that will contribute to the wellbeing of all, including ourselves.