Professional Development

My intention is to create communities where everyone, both youth and adults, feels engaged, included, optimally challenged, successful, and safe. An Integrated Model of Emotional Intelligence  (explore the link here)  is the foundation and reference from which I begin work with organizations, individuals, schools, and other communities.

I begin with a focus on the intentions of your community through the lens of  relationships, trust, and communication. I then lead a discussion toward building awareness of the current organizational reality–exploring the thoughts, feelings, and patterns held in your community. Finally, and critically, I lead a discussion and discovery of multiple options or choices that are responsive to the needs of the community and bridge the intentions with the awareness.

By taking the unique and differentiated aspects of your organization, and linking them in order to integrate the actions with the stated intention, I help co-create solutions. When these solutions are implemented, a more compassionate and accountable community is manifested for all.