Amy is an internationally recognized educator’s educator with a passion for innovative education and educating for innovation. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and works on the cutting edge of educational reform. Over the past decade Amy has developed durable relationships with diverse clients on four continents co-creating meaningful change. She is an advocate for building strong, honest, and compassionate relationships across communities, schools, families and institutions. Her intention is to embody, model and teach ethical, mindful, social and emotional skills so that we might together co-create a more just, peaceful, compassionate and accountable world.

Amy is the author of Choose to Change­ – A step-by-step teaching guide for fostering emotional intelligence in the classroom, and An Integrated Model of Emotional Intelligence, a conceptual framework that informs the development of keystone skills for living and leading well.

Amy holds a Ph.D. from Tulane University in Latin American Studies, a M.P.H from Tulane University in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, a M.Ed. from University of New Orleans in Counselor Education, and a B.A. from St. John’s College-Annapolis. Amy is a licensed Mental Health Counselor for the state of New Mexico.

With a background in public health and community mental health, Amy brings a perspective of wellness and prevention to her work as an educator. She has trained teachers and administrators in over 40 schools facilitating the integration of EI into classrooms and school cultures and has designed projects and developed curriculum in a diverse range of programs from early childhood through University.

Currently based in northern New Mexico, Amy is an Independent Educational Consultant bringing the skills and concepts of emotional intelligence, social and emotional learning and mindfulness to schools and humanitarian organizations in the region.  With her husband, Robert R. Franklin, MD,  she has  five children; Billy, Macky, Remy, Kei, and Boden.