My Philosophy

Learning to listen deeply and fully to ourselves and others is foundational to conscious, responsible change. Awareness and mindfulness creates the possibility and responsibility to choose. Learning to interrupt habitual patterns in thoughts, feelings, and actions is essential to creating choice.

Being clear about our intentions helps. Think about it like a trip. If we decide to go to Vancouver, B.C.,  it helps to know where we will begin the trip; Albuquerque, Mexico City, Chicago, Paris, Singapore? Knowing our departure city and being clear about our destination will at least inform if not determine our options about how to get there.

The previous paragraph describes the skeleton or model around which my work is organized. I have named this model An Integrated Model of Emotional Intelligence. You’ll find it described under the ‘What I Do’ tab in ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ The Integrated Model guides my work and organizes much of the content. The three domains: AWARENESS, INTENTION and CHOICE, are used consistently to clarify and categorize the tools and concepts. The domains can be developed with attention and practice and they mature over a lifetime.

The primary context of my work is educational communities and families. However, these concepts and tools are equally applicable wherever people interact, work together and seek transformation.