Parenting Tips for Emotional and Mental Wellbeing in Uncertain Times – Routines

Tool # 2

Taking care of your

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing- Routines

These are very uncertain times. It is normal to feel anxious and scared when so many things are new, changing and changing quickly. We feel anxious when we want to have control but cannot.

Take control of the things you can control.

Establish a routine and maintain it. If you usually get up at 6:30, keep waking up at 6:30. This will make the day more predictable and reliable for your child and for you. 

Co-create a schedule with everyone in your household.  Include time to be outside (while maintain distance from neighbors and friends), time to connect (phone calls, social media) with friends and family, time for physical activity, time to help someone else, time for chores, time to learn, time to read, time to make something. 

Read aloud the schedule in the morning to remind everyone what was planned. Set your alarm to help keep everyone on schedule. Review your schedule in the evening and make adjustments as needed. Be forgiving. Persevere. These are new times with unique challenges. You might be in the house many more hours than usual with family members and children. It is normal to get on one another’s nerves. A routine will help.