Emotions in Progress Seminar

 “Only that day dawns to which we are awake”  David Thoreau

Emotions in Progress- Keystone Skills for Living and Leading Well

Learn to recognize and utilize vital information communicated by your emotions and by those of others. Practice foundational tools for navigating emotions and increase your emotional and cognitive flexibility. Activate your ability to take another perspective and nurture empathy. Learn and practice tools for more frequently choosing an optimistic perspective. Clarify your intentions and utilize emotions to motivate yourself and others.

In this experiential, interactive and reflective course, we will explore the discipline of emotional intelligence and activate and cultivate practical emotion-related skills essential to enjoying successful personal and professional relationships.

This is an inaugural course blending mindfulness with emotional intelligence. The development of these tools will help you make meaningful and lasting transformations in your relationships with yourself, with friends and family, colleagues, and community.