Welcome to my website.  My intention is to pose questions and share experiences pertinent to creating conscious change in our selves, our families, schools, workplaces, communities, and beyond. I hope that you will find here tools, concepts, and stories that will assist you in creating conscious change that is meaningful to you and others.

I will be routinely sharing  things I find important to doing this work under the Amy’s Blog tab .  Here you will find two categories. The first includes articles, abstracts and links that have inspired my thinking about social emotion-related skills that contribute to social progress, improved functioning and mental health. I have included a brief paragraph about the connection between the theme of the article and emotional intelligence with each.  The second includes reflections on frequently asked questions and my experiences with these topics as well as musings on other related topics. Please feel free to email me with  related information you would like to share as well.

This site is a living site, which is not yet fully developed. I hope you will visit often for updates and information regarding seminars, trainings, professional development, workshops, keynotes, courses, and more. Please email me  or call 575-770-8057 to arrange to work with me in the manner that best suit the needs of you and your organization.